So far, teaching methods have focused on two primary skills – language and logic. But children have so many more gifts, don’t they? They’re imaginative storytellers, explorers driven by endless curiosity, Nature-lovers, barefooted athletes, enthusiastic singers, dancers who move to their own tune and artists who make the world a more colourful place. That’s why, at Koala we offer high calibre, child-focused curriculum based on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, which challenges our students to absorb the wonders of the world.

The curriculum at Koala is tailor-made to give equal importance to all the 8 intelligences by integrating the world’s most advanced teaching methodologies

We nurture kids to become eight kinds of smart!

Visual Spatial

Where children are taught to rely more on imagery and spatial patterns allowing them to think in pictures rather than in words.

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Visual Spatial

Bodily Kinesthetic





Logical Mathematical


A Typical Day at Koala Preschools

Welcome to a typical day of a Koala preschool’s student. While no one day will ever be the same, there are common practices and routines undertaken each day. These practices form the backbone of our program, ensuring high quality early learning that supports your child’s learning and development and school readiness. Here is a guide as to what your child can expect each day in the Preschool room…