Movies attract children the most due to their graphics and lots of fun music. Being an enchanting medium, it has the potential to inculcate several value systems in children through the powerful art of storytelling.

Let’s have a look at 10 such movies that make a good watch for your children for this very same reason.

2. The Lion King

This movie needs no description as it has a special place in all our hearts. A cult of its own era of the Disney production and an Academy Award winner, this movie has so much the kids can learn from.

Remember the song, “Circle of Life”? It teaches you so much about love, harmony and the respect for nature. If you look closely at the journey of Simba, he is a cub who even though brings upon himself the biggest of omen of unknowingly partaking in his father’s murder scheme, ends up learning the value of friends and family once he grows up. The message is to identify one’s true identity and endeavour to rule the world with love and not egotism or conceit.

2. Finding Nemo

We all either watched or at least heard about the movie once in our lives, haven’t we? Some of us feel it’s one of the most adorable movies created by Disney ever! But then apart from this, what is it that makes this movie a must-watch for the children?

Yep, you guessed it right. It is the fact that it taps on the seriousness of the parenting concept from a child’s perspective. The movie in the beginning itself reflects on how important it is to listen to your parents. It also teaches children to be brave and courageous even while facing adversity. And last but not the least, it also reiterates the good ol’ saying, “friends in need are friends indeed” for the kids who are paying attention to every single detail of the plot.

3. Toy Story 2

The Toy Story series did what blew the minds of many watching (and not just the kids) for it tickled our imaginations with giving life to a thing such as toys; objects we operate based on our whims and fancies.

Kids here have a gala time in understanding why ‘Woody’ finds all the old toys to be his family, even when he belongs to a different set and could lead a better life with them. It also touches upon the concepts of friendship and dedication, by expanding on the meaning of family.

4. The Incredibles

Remember when we went bonkers to buy Happy Meals in McDonald’s only so we could play the Incredibles family? Yep, this movie was all about power and style, but what it also taught our children was the implementation of the proverb, “With great power comes great responsibility”. It also taught our children the value of unity and love among family members and the fact that one must always listen to their loved ones to stay safe and happy in life.

5. The Jungle Book

“Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai”…? Rings a bell, doesn’t it? Well, who can forget this marvel of a piece written by Ruskin Bond, later adapted for the world to watch by Walt Disney.

This is movie is popular for one very core value it inculcates in our children’s minds and that is “equality in friendship”. Friendship is a pure bond of love, comfort and compassion; and this bond does not settle its dependency on discrimination of creed or character. Beautifully depicted through multiple relationships in the animal kingdom, it teaches our children to accept and give love to anyone and everyone around us, be it an animal or a fellow human being.

6. Free Willy

This movie is one that is definitely going to make you grab that tissue box you have next to you towards its ending. The story revolves around a simple boy who when learns that a beloved killer whale is to be killed by the aquarium owners, risks everything to free the whale.

It’s a beautiful portrayal of love, compassion, and empathy wherein you feel a giant mix-ball of all of these emotions dribbling around; and missing out on this movie will be missing out on a beautiful journey that your child must embark upon, in order to learn about care, sensitivity, and loyalty in his/her early childhood days.

7. Shrek

We all have watched it and we all still love it. Shrek is one of those Disney movies that has carved a special place in our hearts and there is a reason for it.

Being an unconventional marvel that it is, it challenges the stereotypical storytelling and dismisses through comedy the traditional tropes of fairy tales. The princess here is a skilled martial artist, the knight in shining armor happens to be a swamp-dwelling ogre, and the dragon is lovesick for a talking donkey.

This not only widens the children’s perspective beyond what’s fed to them by the society in general but also makes them understand the concept of fluidity with respect to their own individual identities.

We suggest you purchase an online DVD of Shrek today, if you don’t have it in your collection already.

8. Beauty and the Beast

…Another conventional fairy tale adapted into a Disney movie, how conventional! If this is what you’re thinking of right now, we partially take the blame on ourselves. But you must also keep the patience to explore the unconventional aspect of it, that believing us, is highlighted in the outline below.

Now we all know that Disney is known for its endorsement of a certain commercial sense of beauty that defies the reality for many people; and it’s not the most ideal way of going about teaching children concepts about beauty, aesthetics and judgement. But the fact that Belle is able to generate the emotions of love and sympathy for a creature who is hideous looking in nature, it only to makes the movie an eye opener for many children subjected to the idea of one particular standardized form of beauty.

9. Babe

Yet another path breaking story of the so called “ugly” looking creatures is going to give your children a broader perspective around life and its usual and sometimes unusual occurrences. And it does so through the lense of the less privileged even in the animal kingdom.

The first movie can teach the kids to believe in their abilities and be confident to try out new things without being afraid. The other movie shows how scary it is to be in an unknown environment, but keeping calm and staying true to yourself can help you find your own way.

Believe it or not, Babe is a motion picture incorporating almost all the elements of the art of storytelling, and is again a must watch for your child from our list.

10. Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Based on the popular Roald Dahl book, this movie makes a brilliant effort to create an entrance for the children toward a world that is fascinating, confusing, yet real and ideal.

The importance and spirit of honesty is the cornerstone of the movie. When Charlie wins the golden ticket to enter Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, he has every chance to leak the secrets of the factory and let go of his poverty. But he stays honest and true and wins the grand prize as a result of it. As kids grow up, teaching them the importance of honesty and the importance of truth can be quite difficult, but with a movie like this will teach them everything.

And with this, we sum up our list of the movies that you must get your child to watch before he/she turns 5, in order to accelerate their emotional and social bits of intelligence at the right age, right time.

So let’s begin with the movie marathon this weekend, shall we?