Stories have always been a toddler’s muse, especially if they’re filled with heavy wordplay, rhymes, repetitions, and bold pictures. They’re not only educational, but also inculcate in children a sense of discipline.

For toddlers who love building several imaginative worlds, stories are a perfect getaway.

In today’s blog, let’s find out about 10 stories that must be introduced to a toddler keeping their relevance in their lives in mind, especially at this age.

1.The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Remember the guy who used to lie about the wolf coming every time his father asked him to watch after their sheep? It’s a classic and it’s a story we all have heard when we were young. For teaching children the importance the truth, it still stands the test of time and is never going to be old or boring enough for any generation of children growing up.

2. Midas Touch

Family is one’s real wealth. True? Well we learnt that when read the famous Greek story Midas Touch. Watching King Midas’ rich and happy life turn sad when his daughter turned into his most favourite thing in the world – Gold, we all learnt a lesson that materialistic happiness is not real happiness after all.

Make sure to read this story to your toddler to inculcate in them the same value while it’s not too late.

3. The Ant and The Grasshopper

Very similar to the story of the heir and turtle, this story takes you through the journey of two beings who are opposite to each other in terms of their approach to life. While the grasshoppers like to relax and have fun the whole day, the ant works hard to collect his food from all corners of the garden and does not procrastinate even when the latter asks him to.

Guess who’s left with no food when the hibernation season starts?

The moral of this story is like stating the obvious, so we’ll leave it to you to tell it to your toddler while you’re narrating them this story.

4. The Fox and the Grapes

It’s easy to hate what you can’t have, isn’t it? Well that’s exactly the moral of this story. The fox who attempts to grab the ripped, purple grapes several times by jumping towards them on top of the well mutters, “I’m sure the grapes were sour anyway” in the end.

Read this story to your children to teach them the importance of a positive attitude even if it comes after a failure.

5. The Famous Tale of Akbar and Birbal

Rings a nostalgic bell in anyone? We’re sure it does. The famous tales of Akbar and Birbal have taught us many lessons. One such tale is of Birbal solving the unanswerable question of the number of crows residing in the city.

While his precise answer – Twenty-One Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty-Three – boggled everyone in the court, Akbar was impressed because it had a plausible reason behind it (more number would mean the crows’ relatives visiting them, and vice versa if the number was less).

Moral of the story – Always know what you’re talking!

6. The Hare and the Turtle

And now coming to the most iconic story of all times – the story of the hare and turtle. Do we need to really tell you what the story is? We guessed so.

It’s a must read for children to understand nothing must be taken for granted in life.

7. The Loyal Mongoose

Straight from the series of Panchatantra stories, this gem teaches you to think before you act. While it is disheartening to see the woman kill the loyal mongoose in the end, it is also educating us to be aware of our surroundings before acting on anything.

Moral of the story: Half knowledge is always dangerous.

8. The Crocodile and The Monkey

Showing us how the clever monkey saved his life by playing around with crocodile who disguised himself as the former friend, this story teaches us to be aware of our surroundings 24/7.

Moral of the story: Keep your friends close but the enemy closer.

9. The Foolish Lion and The Clever Rabbit

It is highly unlikely that your grandma didn’t tell you this story. Out of many jungle stories, this one where the rabbit ends up killing the lion is something no millennial parent could miss in their childhood.

Still doesn’t ring a bell?

Remember how the rabbit makes the lion envy his own reflection in the well (as a result of which he ends up jumping in it)? Yes, that one! This simple and short story teaches one to be solution oriented no matter how tricky the situation may be.

Amazing, isn’t it?

10. A Tale of Three Fish

“Change is the only constant” – is a mantra one cannot survive without adapting. This story is a prototype of the same.

Out of the three fish that are highly different in nature, it is only the one that refuses to move out his surroundings get caught by the fisherman despite knowing about the activity in advance. The other two who moved out of that area under water were the ones that escaped.

This is exactly what the story teaches and we must follow it in order to avoid getting caught into anything that isn’t useful to us anymore or poses to us a threat to us and our survival.

So let’s begin with the movie marathon this weekend, shall we?