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Why Koala Preschool?

We nurture kids to become eight kinds of smart! KNOW MORE

To us, each child is a seed of a new life; a seed that can, one day, bear the fruits for new possibilities. That’s why our unique curriculum focuses on holistic development and not just academics. Children at Koala preschool are given real-world experiences instead of just theories. We place emotional and social well-being at par with intellectual and physical growth, because education isn’t what kids can learn, but who they can eventually become.

We nurture kids to become eight kinds of smart!

Visual Spatial

Where children are taught to rely more on imagery and spatial patterns allowing them to think in pictures rather than in words

Visual Spatial
Bodily Kinesthetic
Logical Mathematical

The curriculum at Koala is tailor-made to give equal importance to all these intelligences by integrating the world’s most advanced teaching methodologies

Programmes at Koala Preschool
koala daycare

Daycare in 2 age groups
Age: 1-10 years

koala daycare

Playgroup Explorers
Age: 1.5-3 years

koala daycare

Nursery Adventurers
Age: 2.5-4 years

koala daycare

Kinder Navigators
Age: 3.5-5 years

koala daycare

Senior Inventors
Age: 4.5-6 years


Meet Anabel Jensen

Dr. Anabel Jensen is the brains behind Koala’s approach towards education. She’s been the chief advisor at Koala since the inception. Dr. Jensen is a well-known author and a pioneer in the field of emotional intelligence, or as she calls it, “yoga for the mind.” Judged a “woman of influence” in Silicon Valley, she has led two schools in California where the who’s who of the Silicon Valley elite send their children.

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