For generations, children have heard the same stories in which princesses in high towers wait to be rescued where dreams donít come true without fairy godmothers. At Koala, we believe that children deserve a new narrative, one in which they themselves are the agents of change, with the power to shape their own story.

Thatís why our unique curriculum focuses on holistic development and not just academics. Children are given real-world experiences instead of just theories. We place emotional and social well-being at par with intellectual and physical growth.

Using this method of pedagogy, Koala creates life-long learners who are more confident, aware and independent, with the ability to not just imagine a better future, but also create it.

Life at Koala

Which lessons do you remember better Ė the ones you memorised or those you experienced? Children learn better when they can touch and feel things, explore concepts with real-world examples and find the answers themselves. Our kids at Koala will indulge equally in outdoor activities and other enrichment programs, along with academics. We provide a home-like environment and our space is designed as a physical expression of our mission Ė which is to offer experience-based learning. So, donít be surprised to find your kid completely engrossed in activities, during a visit to Koala!

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